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Cherrywood Kennels!
...the home of Cherrywood Leonbergers
and Havana Silk Dogs

    Located in Northeastern Ohio,  about 40 miles southwest of
    Cleveland, Cherrywood is one of the oldest Leonberger breeding
    and show kennels in the US and has been known for producing top
    winning, Ch. Leonbergers of sound mind and body, with the best
    type, temperament, and health possible since 1990. Ann Rogers is
    proud to be an LCA Member Breeder, whose goal is still to
    continue to improve and protect the breed and to place  
    Cherrywood puppies in homes that will ensure a wonderful
    human/canine bond for the life of the dog. Ann also has the
    distinction of being an "AKC Breeder of Merit."

    Ann owned and operated Happy Tails To You School For Dogs,
    which served clients in Lorain, Medina and Cuyahoga counties for
    over 33 years before retiring from teaching in 2012. As an
    experienced, professional  instructor, dog trainer, and behavioral
    consultant, she worked with close to 12,000 dogs of various
    breeds and their owners in northeast Ohio over her extensive
    career. She continues to partner with the Wellington Veterinary
    Clinic to provide the "Trainer On Call" free phone Behavior
    Consultation service, for clients of Wellington Veterinary Clinic,
    every Wednesday from 9am-5pm. Go to  Trainer on Call"  for
    information if you are one of their clients.

    In 2010 the Rogers added a second  breed to their family, a
    Havana Silk Dog . Ann says, "When was the last time you got
    to be a part of something wonderful? Four years ago, while
    looking for a smaller breed to add to our Leonberger family,  a
    friend led me to a breed club whose mission was to bring back the
    genes of a beautiful, funny, healthy little dog whose origins were
    found in the original little Cuban dogs; a breed thought to be lost!
    "The Havana Silk Dog." Their goals and ethics are very similar to
    the LCA's.

    Cheeky is the dam or our HSD "Ice Cream Litter."

    Click on links above left to further explore in
    detail our wonderful, ongoing journey with our dogs.

    Ann Rogers
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Late Spring News

Congratulations to
Sharon Betts, our Milos'
owner, who received the
Heinrich Essig Award,
“For perseverance and
excellence in guiding and
managing the LCA’s
technology and on-line

Congratulations to Jim
and Peggy Walker, our
Quinn's owners, who
received the Leo Heart
Award, “For combining
their love for Leos
with dedication to
helping raise cancer
research money for the
benefit of others.”

Congratulations to Sheila
Wickman and Vigo who
has now attained his
Bronze Level GCh. title.

Congratulations to our
new Havana Silk Dog
owners and to Paco, Leo
and Shiva on their great
new homes!