Because as an HSDAA member I've agreed to abide by the club's "Best Practices,"
    which has very stringent breeding requirements, and to breed to improve the breed.

    Because of experience: My husband, Kevin and I have been involved in successfully
    showing, breeding, raising and loving dogs since 1985 when we got our first Briard. I put
    both obedience and CH. titles on our Briards and had titled puppies from them as well. We
    moved into a calmer more gentle breed, the Leonberger in 1990 and over 23 years have
    been known for the great temperaments and beautiful Leos we have produced as well as
    many champions and titled therapy dogs, a few obedience and agility titled offspring, and a
    lot of wonderful companions. We are continuing those goals for the Havana Silk Dogs.

    Because canine behavior has been my profession:  As a professional canine behavior
    specialist and instructor, I am a great resource person for my owners. I worked, through
    Happy Tails To You School For Dogs , a business I owned for for 33 years, with close to
    12,000 owners of various breeds to help them build better relationships with their dogs. My
    area of specialty was preventing problems in puppies and teaching respect between dog
    and owner.

    Because of my record in placing puppies in the right homes. Every puppy is raw
    material and will take work on your part to become what you want; just like your children.
    I won't sell you a puppy if I don't think it would be a good fit for both you and the puppy.
    Over the years we've been very happy with most of our placements and, most
    happily spent their lives with their initial owners.

    Because we have a passion for breeding and raising great dogs: A puppy from
    Cherrywood Kennels is from a litter that has been thought out and planned, seriously,
    carefully and with a lot of pride in the final result: our wonderful pups! Our litters take a lot
    of work and expense. From purchasing and raising the dam, going through a lot of very
    stringent pre- breeding health testing, and structural evaluations, right through to the day
    they leave our home for yours at 10 weeks, I’m working to enrich their experiences while
    they are with us and observing them to find the best matches with our buyers' lifestyles.

    Because I’ll be there for you through the life of your dog: We have made a lot of
    wonderful lifelong friends over the years due to our dogs. I’ve helped my owners work
    through problems, shared in their achievements, answered all kinds of questions, taken
    back and found homes for those few of our dogs whose owners had become ill or died, and
    over all been the go-to person for our offspring for many years now. I want to know what
    our puppies are up to, both good and bad, because I think breeders are ultimately
    responsible for every puppy they put on this earth from the day they are born until the end
    of their lives.

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