Ann Rogers...

  • started her career in the late '70s learning the art and science of instructing owners to train
    their companion dogs at the University of Delaware, with Dick Maller, author
    of "21 Days to a Trained Dog."

  • was a behavioral specialist, instructor and owner of "Happy Tails To You School
    For Dogs" for 33 years and ran a private boarding kennel exclusively for her well
    behaved students and was a guest speaker on canine behavior for area dog clubs, civic
    and humane organizations and schools in a tri-county area. She also served as an expert
    court witness on canine behavior.

  • was the first instructor in the area to establish "kindergarten classes" in the early 80s, and to gear classes
    towards owners wanting well-behaved family companions rather than competition dogs.

  • was the weekly "Let's Talk About Dogs" columnist for the Elyria Chronicle for 7 years and was a member of the
    Dog Writers Association of America during that time. She was asked to write and narrate the video "Obedience
    For Your Dog" which was distributed in six states and the District of Columbia in the mid-80s.

  • helped close to 12,000 dogs and their owners in Northern Ohio to develop terrific,  positive relationships.

  • appeared with her dogs on local television spots, and co-hosted fund-raisers with WJW TVs personality,  Dick
    Goddard, for local humane organizations.

  • experienced working with almost all AKC breeds as well as many Rare Breeds and mixed breeds and was an AKC
    approved Canine Good Citizen evaluator, and STAR PUPPY instructor for a number of years.

  • successfully raised and titled Briards in both conformation and obedience in the '80s and, since 1990, has
    successfully raised, shown and bred Leonbergers under the kennel name "Cherrywood".
"Longevity Study".
  • is living with, showing and breeding Cherrywood Leonbergers, on a limited basis, for type, temperament, and
    health since 1990 and has furthered the health of the breed by being instrumental in 18  years of research to
    find the LPN1 and LPN2 genetic mutations causing two types of polyneuropathy that is in the breed. Since their  
    discoveries in June 2010  and 2014, genetic tests to help breeders eliminate these 2 versions of polyneuropathy
    affecting the breed has now become a reality. Leonberger Polyneuropathy

  • has been a very active member in the Leonberger Club of America since 1990 serving on the Board of
    Directors, Show Committee, Governance Committee, Breeding Committee  and is the co-founder of the LCA's
    Leonberger University project to help preserve the past and educate the future Leonberger Fanciers.

  • is pleased to say that " due to our knowledge, dedication, and concern for our puppies,  75% of Cherrywood's
                                              Leonbergers are placed with our previous owners and on word of mouth referrals from previous clients!"


Cherrywood Kennels
Grafton, OH |  cell 440-328-5647 | cherrywoodleos@gmail.com
25 Years of Photos
Proud recipient of the LCA's prestigious
2007 "Leo Award," which reads:
Ann Rogers
"With love and gratitude for exceptional dedication to
promoting international awareness of laryngeal paralysis and
peripheral neuropathy in Leonbergers, and for faithfully
promoting the ideals of the Leonberger Club of America."