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I held Calvin when he was born;I knew he was the puppy Virgil and I
wanted. I watched him grow and he was still the
right one.  Even when I realized he was going to inherit his mother
Kati's coat, he was still the one.

Typical male, it took him forever to actually grow up; he got more
and more handsome, and then sillier and sillier.  We've always called
him "the big baby" and "Mr. Sensitive" because he doesn't like anyone
to be upset with him.  He hates being groomed, really doesn't like
storms, but loves meeting new people.   When he's outside he rolls on
his back and kicks his feet in the air, looking for all the world like a
horse out in the spring grass.  One of his granddaughters lives here, a
calm gentle girl who, at least so far, doesn't have that wild and wooly

And now he's twelve; slowed down, not as quick to leap to his feet to
see what everyone is barking about, but still bright and alert.  Still
likes to meet people, remembers Ann when she comes to visit, and
yesterday he got himself upstairs and ate all the cat food and drank
their water.  

Thank you, Ann and Kevin, for my lovely, silly, boy.  May he and his
brothers have many more happy, healthy years.

Judy Johnston

My beautiful boy Bud is quite distinquished now with his white beard.  
He's always been a healthy boy.  The only problem he has now is
getting up after resting.  We both moan and groan together.

We had our 2nd Leo Charlie, whom Bud adored and they were
partners in crime until Charlie passed away. His buddy now is 5 yr old
Max a beautiful Leo and they too are great friends. Bud is still the
leader and all is well.  They have great adventures together.

Bud is my special boy and we have a very strong relationship. He is
always making sure I am allright and safe. I don't need doorbells
because he is barking almost before they enter the drive. No one is
getting into our house without our approval.  He loves his stuffed toys
and is always sucking on one with great contentment. He has many
favorite people and if you dare mention they are coming, he is running
to the door and back to you until they come.  

Thank you Ann and Kevin for giving my family such loving boys.

The Ginter Family and their boys
Cherrywood's Native Son, aka "Bud" July 17, 2005
Cherrywood's "O" litter
Happy 11th Birthday to the O litter!!!
DOB July 5, 2006
Gus is doing fantastic! He's still active as
ever and still doing all of the things he
loves especially swimming and playing
with kids !

Dr. Devon Smith DVM
Cherrywood's Old Glory aka "Gus" July 5, 2006
Cherrywood's Of The Earth aka "Terra" July 5, 2006
Cherrywood's "N" litter
Happy 12th Birthday to the N litter!!!
             DOB July 17, 2005
Terra started her life at Perigee Farm as the baby sister to
Sophie and Orbit.  Even at her young age she was the
peace-maker, and would constantly check on her older sisters.  
She now lives with two younger males, Duke a GSD and Timber
a Newfie mix and she loves both of them.  She has never
enjoyed swimming although she will walk into the water and
stand in it, but she does love being outside on the porch.  Her
days are spent playing with Duke and Timber and watching
whatever is going on at the farm.  She sleeps under our bed or
on the loveseat in our bedroom.  Her life is calm and relaxed,  
with occasional barking at the horses and squirrels thrown in,
and she loves it that way.   Terra still has a young spirit and
playful nature.  She is and will always be, My Terra Bug.

Barbara Shifflett
Cherrywood's Pretty Woman aka Paislee July 21, 2006
A salute to our senior citizen Leonbergers. We
cherish those wonderful grey muzzles who have
made it to the awesome age of 10 and older.
Miss Paislee has slowed down  this past year and has
added more gray hair. She is having trouble getting up
lately but manages to make it. She remains happy, alert,
and has great vision.
We have had a few rabbits this spring which is unusual
for us in FL. Paislee really enjoys watching them and
would like to chase them. But her rotator cuff injury
won't allow that. Nice to see that she gets excited to
watch them run and play.
She sleeps a lot resting up for her meals. And, she loves
having our grandchildren Emily (11) and JJ (9) come to
visit and give her lots of love.  They enjoy a special bond
with Paislee.  

She is indeed our Pretty Woman!

June Konig

It’s hard to believe that Winston is 10.  He still takes his
daily walks and is the leader of our pack.  He is our first
Leonberger.  From the moment we saw him, we were
all completely in love.  This love for him and the breed
blossomed into us having a pack of four Leos now.  He
runs a tight ship around here, but always with love and
humor.  He is one of those guys that likes to act tough
on the outside, but is really a sweet marshmallow.

Our girls have all grown up with this dog.  He has
nibbled on toes under the sheets at bedtime, been
dressed up in a wide variety of outfits, and been a
protector and confidant for them.  I still look at this boy
and wonder how we got so lucky?  We can’t thank Ann
enough for our Winston. Everyday with him is a gift.

Connie Kent
Cherrywood's "Q" litter
   Happy 10th Birthday to the Q litter!!!
                       DOB July 22, 2007
                              Cherrywood's Quiet Riot aka "Winston"  July 22, 2007
Cherrywood's "P"litter
Happy 11th Birthday to the "P" litter!!!
           DOB July 21, 2006
Cherrywood's Pride and Joy aka "Lilly"  July 21st, 2006
Cherrywood's Quintessential aka "Quinn"  July 22, 2007
Cherrywood 's Nobody Does It Better July 22, 2005