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Cherrywood's Pretty Woman aka "Paislee" July 21, 2006
A salute to our senior citizen Leonbergers. We cherish
those wonderful grey muzzles who have made it to the
awesome age of 10 and older.
Cherrywood's "P"litter
Happy 12th Birthday to the "P" litter!!!
          DOB July 21, 2006
Grey Muzzle Award!!!
Cherrywood's "O" litter
Happy 12th Birthday to the "O" litter
   DOB July 5th, 2006
Grey Muzzle Award!!!
Cherrywood's Of the Earth aka "Terra" July 5, 2006-Sept 14, 2019
Cherrywood's Pretty Woman aka Paislee is proud to be a
member of the Grey Muzzle Club.
Paislee has been a joy in our lives.  She came to us full of
energy.  I could hardly fit her and keep her in the sherpa
bag for her flight to her new home with us in Florida. We
would take her for runs along side of our golf cart. She
loved it.  As she has aged, she has slowed down.  One
time, one of our grandchilren's hampsters got loose and
ran right in front of her nose.  She decided it wasn't
worth the effort to chase him.  She made friends with
our UPS driver.  She would bark and bark as soon as his
truck stopped in the street.  She knew he was her
buddy, and he would always bring her milk bones. She
has scared different people who have come to surface
our AC's, etc. with her barking as they approach the
door. But, as soon as they walk in, she is their best
friend. Everyone loves our "special girl".

She is always right in the middle of all our family
gatherings.  She has been so great with our
grandchildren.  Emily was born in January 2006 and
Paislee in July.  They have grown up together and
enjoyed 12 birthdays together.  Our grandson was born
two years later, but he shares that same special bond
with Paislee.

As you can tell, Paislee has left a big foot print in our
hearts and continues to bring us happiness and joy.  We
count each day with her as a gift.  She is a very special
and loving girl and our Pretty Woman.

June Koenig
Sadly Paislee passed away Feb.18, 2019. She is sorely
Terra is 12.  TERRA is 12!!!

I remember the day we picked Terra up.  She was a gentle Baby Berger
bundle.  From day one, she seemed to be the peacemaker in our group
of 3 Leonbergers.  She was always checking on her older sisters, Sophie
and Orbit.  If there were any disagreements, and there were several,
Terra was the one who loved on each of the sisters separately to help
them feel better.  

Terra was a lovely sweet puppy and grew into an amazingly sweet
adult.  She loves children and her people.  Even today she will climb
the steps into my studio, if I am up there, just to be where I am.  She’ll
do this even though she is afraid to come back down the step (I believe
her eyesight is failing some).  She also still runs down the driveway to
greet you.  Just last week Terra killed a small raccoon; we believe she
had some help but still, she is 12 years old and killed a raccoon!!  She is
much slower these days, but she is still out there being her loving sweet
self.   She is finally enjoying our new Puppy, Vega and has taken to
mentoring her somewhat.  And she does seem to enjoy her role of
being the boss of the puppy.    She is simply amazing and still going

Barbara Shifflett
Terra crossed over the bridge on Sept 14th, 2018 and is sorely missed by
everyone who knew her
Cherrywood's "R" litter
Happy 10th Birthday to the "R" litter!!!
        DOB February 24, 2009
Cherrywood's Rave Review aka "Georgia"  February 24, 2009
Cherrywood's Rocket Science aka "Rollo" February 24, 2009
Cherrywood's Reason to Smile aka "Ruff" February 24, 2009
Cherrywood's Ready or Not aka "Dargo" February 24, 2009
We are so happy we chose a Leonberger for our family
member. He has brought great joy and laughter to our
lives as well as muddy footprints and lots of fur.

The gentle spirit, loyal companion and giant heart for
our family has made him irreplaceable.

Thank you,
Gyll Goehring
A few years ago we got a female Great Pyrenees
and that really re-invigorated him. They are
outside running around and playing every day, and
guarding our property from all manner of
wildlife.  Rollo has always been obsessed with
chasing soccer balls and he still will run and fetch
them with passion.  And almost every night he can
be heard outside howling with a hoarse, deep,
haunting voice - he even has Genevieve, the Great
Pyrenees howling occasionally.  When he is inside,
he just wants to be in the same room as
everybody and will just walk in to whatever room
we are in and plop down.
He's getting lots of treats, pats and love in his
golden years!
Phill and Kelly Chaffee