Cherrywood Kennels
LEONBERGERS: Upcoming Litters
25 Years of Photos
Grafton, OH 44044 |  Cell: 440-328-5647|

    Leonberger Breeders start their first litter with
    "A" names and continue through the alphabet.
    Then they start over at "AA" again! Our first litter
    was born in 1993. Our "Z" litter was born in

    Meggie and Turok are expecting our "BB" litter on
    June 6th. If you are looking for a puppy,  please
    read our  Puppy Pack as you will find not only a
    lot of information on our breed and our own Leos
    but also what our requirements are for our
    owners and what you can expect from us.
 Then, if you think you may be interested in a
 puppy from us, please fill out the questionnaire.
 I will be contacting everyone who has a
     questionnaire on file to discuss the possibilities
  of a pup from Meggie and Turok's litter soon.
  Dragonslair's Turok LTA CGC CHIC# 114161

  Cherrywood's We've Come a Long Way Baby,
   CHIC# 113588

       Explaination of Meg's elbow evaluation

       Thank you for your interest in Cherrywood!