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LEONBERGERS: Upcoming Litters
25 Years of Photos
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    Leonberger Breeders start their first litter with
    "A" names and continue through the alphabet.
    Then they start over at "AA"! Our current and
    final litters are our "CC" and "DD" litters." All of
    our puppies are spoken for and I will be retiring
    once they leave with their new owners.

        While older Leos may do well on smaller   
  properties, L
eo puppies, in our opinion,  should not
        be placed
in homes with less than a half acre,
 with enough appropriate fencing
for healthy exercise.

We do not consider electronic fencing appropriate

Lizzie and Fergusson
Meggie and Smoke
CHIC# 109986
CHIC# 126547
CHIC #113588
CHIC #116271