Cherrywood was established as a Leonberger Club of America Member
    Kennel in 1990 by Ann Rogers. See Bio.  In 2010 the LCA  became the Parent Club
    of the American Kennel Club.

    "True to his original purpose as a family, farm and draft dog, today's Leonberger excels as a multi-
    purpose working dog; the most important task being a reliable family companion. The Leonberger is
    vigilant, obedient and quietly confident in all situations. He exudes good-natured watchfulness,
    depicting intelligence and vigor."

    To that end, our goal at Cherrywood is to produce Leonbergers with sound temperament , type, and
    health, and to use the most current advances in science and research available to make our breeding
    decisions. Our mission is to place each of our offspring in the right home to ensure an enjoyable and
    conscientious human/canine relationship for the life of your Leo. We sell to approved homes only.
                                               We strive for quality, not quantity   
Cherrywood Kennels
Grafton, OH 44044 | cell 440-328-5647 |
25 Years of Photos
Our 1st foundation  
bitch - US
Our 2nd foundation
bitch - Germany

Thanks to the dedication and co-operation of many international Leonberger owners and breeders, our
researchers, and the generosity of the LHFI and the AKC/CHF, we now have  DNA tests available for
the LPN1 (autosomal recessive) and the LPN2 (autosomal dominant) and LEMP (autosomal recessive)
mutations which give Breeders and Stud owners the knowledge to breed without producing affected
I'm thrilled to say I was a part of the answer.
You CAN make a difference
Please realize until our researchers can find the other mutations that cause disease in dogs, we
are not able to prevent anything besides LPN1 and LPN2 polyneuropathies and, now LEMP from
Research depends on funding and there is not a lot of funding research for human diseases let alone dogs.

Please continue to explore our site for more information
about our wonderful Cherrywood  Leos.
Proud recipient of the LCA's prestigious
2007 "Leo Award," which reads:
Ann Rogers
"With love and gratitude for exceptional dedication to
promoting international awareness of laryngeal paralysis and
peripheral neuropathy in Leonbergers, and for faithfully
promoting the ideals of the Leonberger Club of America."
Our 3rd foundation
bitch - Hungary
I have no future breedings planned. Please go to the LCA website for
information on Member Breeders matings and litters throughout the