Cherrywood Kennels
25 Years of Photos

    Keesha v d Heckenrose July 1, 1990- Jan. 5, 2001     .
    Keesha v d Heckenrose, (Ch. Alma v. d. Heckenrose X Uto v. Murrtal) our foundation bitch,
    was from Manfred and Sylvia Kauffman’s kennel. She produced our "A" and "B" litters which
    consisted of eight males and nine females. Of those, four attained their LCA championships
    (three of those also were World Wide Kennel Club Champions). One, LCA Ch. Cherrywood's
    Becka, became the first female to be awarded the LCA Top Leo award. Four of Kiersche's
    offspring went on to start families of their own. Kiersche, a world class fence climber, was a
    wonderful Leo, an avid fisherman, highly intelligent and started me on the road to
    developing Cherrywood Kennels.
    Kiersche's pedigree

    All Breed BIS, multi-winning BOB, LCA, WWKC Ch. Cherrywood's Ad Lib Feb. 17,  
    1993-June 15, 2004   
    "Libby" (Keesha v. d. Heckenrose X Ch. Coomar Egon) was one of the pups we kept from our
    first ("A" ) litter. She was a multi Best In All Rare Breed Show winner and had beautiful,
    fluid movement. She was our watchdog, keeping an eye on our home and those who came
    and went and very devoted to her family. She produced  our "C," "D,", and "F" litters
    totalling five males and eight females during her breeding career, including the first LCA CH-
    UD titled Leo, Cherrywood's Cruise Control; Cherrywood's Fhenix TDI,  and Cherrywood's
    Funny Valentine LTA, TDIEVA, one of the top therapy Leos in the country.
    Libby's pedigree      

    Multi- BOB, BISS, LCA, RH Ch. Cherrywood's About Time Feb. 17, 1993- Oct. 1, 2002
    "Barkley" ( Keesha v d Heckenrose X Ch. Coomar Egon) was our male from our "A" litter and
    the light of my life for almost 10 years. He was  a beautiful dog on the inside as well as the
    outside; wonderfully gentle, patient, and devoted. He attained his LCA Championship
    quickly and was a multi-Best of Breed winner as well as multi-placing Group and a Best in
    Regional Specialty winner. Barkley was the sire and grandsire of a number of Champions
    including our bitch, Stella. He was known for passing his wonderful temperament on to his
    offspring, many of whom ended up working as Therapy dogs.  Barkley was named "About
    Time"  because for years my husband had lived with not only a wife and daughter but 7
    female dogs, a couple of female sheep, a few female guinea pigs and female rabbits. It was
    "about time" he got a boy to live with us!
    Barkley's pedigree

    Multi - BOSS, BOB LCA Ch. Zider v. Loh - German import - May 8, 1995-April 28, 2003      
    Zider (Wilhelmine v. Loh X Achat v der Hirschalde) was our German import from Herr Zerle's
    prestigious v.  Loh kennel. She was our funniest Leo, constantly smiling and wagging her
    tail, often waking us up in the middle of the night as her tail thumped against the wall! She
    never had a bad day and was a wonderful friend for almost eight years. Zider was Winner's
    bitch at the LCA National Specialty in '97 from the puppy classes and grew up to take Best
    Opposite Sex at the LCA Nationals in NY and at a number of Regional LCA Specialties. Zider
    was the dam or our "E," "G," "H," and J litters and she produced not only a number of Leos
    who obtained their LCA Ch. but also a number who worked in Therapy.  Zider helped our
    breeding program continue to be known for its wonderful temperaments.
    Zider's pedigree

    LCA Ch. Slattvika's Mischief Maker - Norwegian import- August 11,1998- May 23,2006          
    Rave (Malarlejonet Pebbles X  Ch. Slattvika's Bobo Bear)  was an elegant bitch I imported
    from the outstanding, Slattvika's kennel in Norway in the fall of 1998. She was sweet,
    energetic, and a beautifully moving girl. She lived with her co-owner in MI. Rave is the dam
    of our Cherrywood's "L" litter which was sired by multi Best In Regional Specialty winner and
    BOS in National Specialty, Ch. Darius v Alpensee. Rave is the dam of LCA Ch. Cherrywood's
    Lion Sleeps Tonight, the sire or our "O," litter, and Cherrywood's Lion in Winter, the sire of
    our "Q" litter. Her grandchildren have carried her fluid movement through the generations.
    Three of the offspring from our L litter were LCA Chs., and the litter produced Leos working
    in obedience and agility.  Denver was the first Leonberger invited to the AKC Agility
    Invitational in Dec. of  2009.  Sassy was one of Rave's grandchildren.
    Rave's pedigree

    Multi- All Breed BOB, BIS, LCA, RH Ch. Cherrywood's Enough Already  Feb. 9, 1998- Dec.
    31, 2008      
    "Stella" (Ch. Zider v. Loh X Ch. Cherryw ood's About Time) was a great blend of the best  
    traits that Barkley and Zider had to offer wrapped into a beautiful, funny, smart package.
    Judge's comments, "I'd like her in my kennel!". She was the Dam of our "I" litter with LCA
    Ch.   Wannerlands Gallant Grappo aka "Thor"and of our "K" litter with Rave's brother,
    Slattvikas Midnight Son, Sinbad. Stella, my heart dog,  was an All Breed and LCA multi-Group
    placing winner and Best In Show at an LCA Regional Specialty as well as multi Best Opposite
    Sex at LCA Regional Specialty shows.
    Stella's pedigree

    Multi- BOS  BOSS, LCA Ch. Cherrywood's Had To Be You  June 1, 2000- Aug. 12, 2008   
    "Sally," (Ch. Zider v. Loh X Ch. Angus v. der Sanfter Lowe)  at under two years, had finished
    her LCA Championship with limited showing, with all majors and was a multi Best Opposite
    Sex in  LCA Regional Specialty show winner.
    She was a sweet, sensitive Leo with wonderful dark red color and fluid movement. Sally
    loved to swim and was one of our three Leos who retrieved! (The other two are her
    offspring!) She was very affectionate and willing to obey and our resident muskrat hunter.
    Sally produced our "M," "O," and "Q" litters and gave us "Cherrywood's Mannheim the
    Steamroller" aka "Manny" who is the first male we have lived with since Barkley, as well as  
    Cherrywood's Quick Study. She produced our first AKC GCH, Cherrywood's Quintessential.
    Sally's pedigree
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Cherrywood's Mannheim the Steamroller  Dec. 20, 2004 - March 26, 2016
"Manny" (Ch. Cherrywood's Had To Be You X Vanguard's Absolute) was the boy from our
"M" litter who stole our hearts and stayed at Cherrywood. Although he was never a stud
dog, he was a great companion, serious soccer player and baby sitter for our litters and
any new puppies we keep. The judge's comments when he was shown as a young guy  
included, "very well built, rectangular...... beautiful color, excellent coat, very nice bone
structure..... Dark brown eyes, beautiful expression...well sprung chest...front
angulation - excellent, very nice spring...very good rear angulation...strong
pasterns...well muscled...excellent movement..very good push and excellent reach..
excellent..lovely, sweet temperament." I dearly miss having a boy and hope to maybe
rectify that in the not too distant future
Manny's pedigree
Kabala v. Sissy Haus - Hungarian import-March 28, 2003 - June 5, 2012
Kati (Gaia v. Sissy-Haus X Huszar v. Sissy-Haus) came to us from Hungary in the Spring of
2003. She was a big, well boned female with tremendous coat, good color and a sweet,
affectionate and devoted temperament. She was our most obedient and willing to
please Leo. Kati lived with us here in Ohio,but was co-owned with a good friend,
Kathleen Bisbee, who lives in Va.
Judges' comments include, "Good breed type, nice size, beautiful substance, free and
balanced movement"  and "Impressive, very good proportions, gorgeous, dense coat,
beautiful color, very lovely head with great  proportions, beautiful forechest, very nice
and balanced angulation." Kati is the dam of our "N" and "P" litters.
Kati's pedigree  
Cherrywood's Not For Sale   July 17, 2005 - Nov. 24, 2014
Nadia (Hungarian Import Kabala v Sissy-Haus X Ch. Mountain Vista's Ancho) is one of  our  
retired homebred girls, from Cherrywood's "N" litter. Very gentle, loyal and full of fun,
Nadia was a large girl with a beautiful coat and wonderful type. Nadia lived here in Ohio
with us and was co-owned by good friend, Susan Grosslight. Nadia was the dam of our
"R", "T" and "U" litters.  We are proud that Nadia's photo representing correct female
type was included in "The Leonberger, an Illustrated Breed Standard"    
Nadia's pedigree
Cherrywood's Quick Study  July 22, 2007 - April 20, 2015
"Sassy" (Ch. Cherrywood's Had to Be You X Cherrywood's Lion in Winter) embodied what
we strive for at Cherrywood; correct type, temperament and health and she, provided
the link with our past and future in our "W" litter which goes back to our first male
Leonberger, Barkley. Sassy's maternal grandmother was our German import, Zider, and
Sassy resembled her a lot both in beauty and sense of humor. She was one of the
happiest Leos I've ever met. (as a matter of fact she kept injuring the tip of her tail from
smashing it against things!) She pulled the best from a number of her ancestors. Sassy
was the dam of our "S", "V", and  "W" litters and produced  three AKC Grand Champions,
an AKC Champion and other major pointed offspring. Sassy also had a number of her
offspring working in therapy and obedience. Sassy was definitely our once in a lifetime
Heart Dog and we still miss her every day.
Sassy's pedigree
Cherrywood's Vintage Wine   Nov. 16, 2011- July 2,2020
"Korkie" (Cherrywood's Quick Study X  GCH CH Corleone's Hidden Agenda) is a very
energetic female who is thrilled with life and a lot of fun. She is a large girl, taller than
her dam, Sassy, and has a beautiful reddish yellow coat,  good mask and is all about
enjoying every day to the fullest!. Korkie is definitely one of the sweetest girls we've
had the pleasure of living with and loves prancing around the house carrying a toy and
playing with Cheeky, our little Havana Silk Dog. Korkie is the dam of our "X" litter. CHIC#

Korkie's pedigree
The Present
Live Oak's Back Home at Cherrywood Sept. 12, 2013
"Lizzie" (Cherrywood's Rave Review X Bolelejonet Mendez Made-by-Eddie) came to join
us in Nov. 2012, from Live Oak Leonbergers in Florida.  She has very good size and
substance with an easy care coat and is a gentle girl. She is BFFs with our other, home
bred, young lady, Omega. (see below) Liz is our hunter and keeps the squirrels in the
trees and the rabbits out of the garden.
Lizzie's pedigree embodies many of our home bred Leos; Georgia, Zephyr, Nadia, Rafiki,
Rave - our Norwegian import, Zider - our German import, and Kati - our Hungarian
import. Sigi, her sire, also brings in many well known CH ancestors from Sweden and a
number of other countries. Her genes will be very interesting to incorporate back into
our own lines. Lizzie produced our beautiful "Y" our "AA" and our "CC"  litters. CHIC#
Lizzie's pedigree
Cherrywood's We've Come a Long Way Baby Oct. 8, 2013
"Omega" (Cherrywood's Quick Study X GCH VL BoBev’s Runnin Down A Dream RA
CGCA ) is a real sweetheart. Her tail never stops wagging, even when she is eating.
She has a beautiul head and expression and is having a blast with Lizzie. It has yet to
be cold enough for them to voluntarily come in from playing! "Meggie's" pedigree goes
back to our first Leonberger, Keesha v der Heckenrose and our boy Barkley was Meg's  
great, great, great grandsire. The first puppy ever born at Cherrywood was named
"Cherrywood's Alpha Bravo," by his owners. The beginning. While we will continue
breeding and showing our Leonbergers, Omega completed the circle from our first litter
in 1993 which produced  Barkley!  It seemed fitting to call her "Omega". The beginning,
and the end. We are really enjoying watching her mom, Sassy come through in a lot of
little ways as Meggie has grown up. She is our sunshine girl, and a great addition to our
Cherrywood family. Meg is the dam of our great "Z" our "BB" and our final "DD"  litters.
CHIC #113588

Omega's pedigree  
We are very proud of our Longevity Study

We've been in love with Leonbergers since we met our first one back in
the 1980s. From our first foundation bitch Keesha v d Heckenrose, we've
had the pleasure of living with 14 Leonbergers , including 9 from our own

We've imported bitches from Germany, Norway and Hungary and bred to
males from Germany, Sweden, Norway and Canada in an effort to add
strength and diversity to our bloodlines.

Our involvement reached beyond loving our own dogs to loving the breed
and the whole international community striving to preserve and protect
the Leonbergers. Our Leos are a big part of our lives and after decades of
being involved with them, we also find that we share our passion with a
good many of the people in our lives who have become very close friends.
It is a great community! We hope you enjoy our photos.
Cherrywood's Complete Circle April 15, 2019
" Ditto's" name was a nod to his sire as he reminded me a lot of him. At almost 2 years
old he is  a work in progress and very definitely one of the smartest pups we've raised
over the years. He has a zest for learning and actually listens pretty well for his age. He
can be quite the comic too which has made the past year a little easier.
I retired from breeding after his litter and our DD litter went to their new homes.  Hence
his "official name." Many Leos in his pedigree have been bred here at Cherrywood and
others have come from Germany, Norway and Hungary to help diversify our lines.
Ditto's Sire was born in Spain but his line goes back to France so I am hoping in the
future, perhaps his genes will be helpful to our US Leo population.
First and foremost though he is a great and well loved companion.