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    Our requirements for responsible owners include:

  • a large, at least 1/2 an acre, fully enclosed, fenced yard where
    you and your Leo will be able to spend time together outdoors.
    Why: A Leo needs a secure area to run straight out, not just in
    circles, so body and mind mature correctly. This breed is not
    suited to a small yard. As flock guardians, Leos will not boundary
    train as a herding breed would. A 5-6' high secure fence is a
    necessity. We do not place puppies in small or unfenced yards.

  • enrollment in a behavior/obedience group class with a qualified
    instructor within 1 months of purchase.
    Why: A Leo needs to learn what you want early as they are
    most open to "suggestions" before they are 16 weeks old.
    Private classes do not teach your dog to behave around other
    dogs.  Continuing with classes until the dog is 18-24 mos. old will
    teach him to listen to you in all situations; not only at home.

  • coming to Ohio to pick up your pup. If you're flying, you'll need
    to check with your airline to be sure the pup may fly home in
    the cabin with you. We don't ship.
        Why: We want to meet the people our pups will be living
        with and we're sure you'd like to meet your pup's breeders.
        It is also now an FDA requirement to meet face to face.

  • consistent socialization off of your property for the first couple
    of years.
    Why: Leonbergers have watchdog instincts, and you want
    your adult to understand what is "normal" in his world. That
    requires introducing him to many novel situations as a puppy
    and an adolescent. Introduce him to as many new people,
    places and things as possible before the window closes at 20
    weeks of age and continue through his life.

  • considering waiting to neuter your Leo puppy until after the
    growth plates close at about 18mos. for a male and after the
    first heat cycle for a bitch. If your male has a retained testicle,
    it may be removed earlier and a vasectomy performed on the
    descended one leaving the hormones but not the ability to
    Why: Research has shown it may be healthier to wait and if you
    have a male it isn't going to look like a male without that
  • all companion puppies are sold on AKC "limited registration."
    Why: I believe breeding should be left to the Breeders. It is a
    commitment consuming your knowledge of the breed and
    genetics, your time and money and your ability to deal with
    problems over the lifetime of your offspring including taking
    back an adult Leo at times. If you are an experienced  breeder
    or handler and current member of the LCA, or a newbee
    thinking you may be interested in showing or breeding, please
    contact me to discuss requirements for AKC  "full registration"
    show/breeding potential puppies. I'm always happy to mentor
    our serious new owners whether you want a companion or show
    When you get a puppy from Cherrywood you are getting my  knowledge,
    help and support for the life of your Leonberger.
                                                                                        Ann Rogers
Welcome to our wonderful
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Don and Takoda
Nancy and Brock with Boldr
The Vesha Family with     
 Susan and David with Bia and "Little Bear"