Our contract is designed to protect the Breeder, the Purchaser and the Puppy.

    As Purchaser you will be agreeing to;
    love this puppy and make it a part of your family
    have your new puppy examined by your veterinarian within 72 hours of receipt so
    you know you are starting out healthy.
    provide routine preventative health care as prescribed by your licensed veterinarian
    provide proper diet and exercise in an appropriately large, securely fenced  yard.
    make this dog a housedog, not left in a backyard nor kennel continually, and never tied out.
    attend group obedience or conformation classes starting within a month, if possible, of taking
    your puppy home and continuing with classes for at least 3 levels  the first year.
    take your puppy off of your property on a regular weekly basis, to acclimate it to new people,
    friendly dogs and novel sights and sounds in order to bring out the Leo's natural confidence.
    You agree to contact  me first should you need  to rehome your Leo and I will take it back with no
    reimbursement, evaluate it and keep it long enough to find a suitable forever home for placement.
    never to sell this Leo, nor give, lease or consign it to any broker, store, kennel, puppy mill, or
    commercial breeding establishment, nor a shelter nor pound

    If you are acquiring a show/breeding prospect we will discuss the added responsibilities for those owners.

    As a Breeder I am agreeing to;
    have a wellness check done on your puppy by our vet and its first set of puppy shots before leaving us
    have checked for  parasites and treated  as necessary.
    supply a health certificates to buyers who are flying out of state.
    have your puppy microchipped before pick up.
    register your puppy's litter with AKC  and have your individual registration ready for you to sign at pickup
    have a 24 mo. replacement guarantee on your puppy should it have to be euthanized due to severe hip
    have a "first right of refusal" clause should you ever have to re-home your Leo which means it comes
    back to me,  with no reimbursement, or, if for some reason I cannot take your Leo back to re-home it myself,
    I will help you find a  suitable home.
    be available to help you with information about the breed and your puppy throughout its life.                                 

    I will  not guarantee hips to current nor repeat buyers  who have not met their other current or previous
    contractual agreements.

    I agree to select for you the puppy I feel will be best suited for your family's needs based on what you
    have told me about your lifestyle and my 40 years of professional skills. Our puppies are observed for 8 weeks,
    structurally evaluated and aptitude tested before a decision is made as to who goes where.

    The price of our puppies is in direct accordance with the price of our breeding expenses including our stud fee.

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PUPPY PACK: Our Contract
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                                             PLEASE NOTE
If the puppy cannot be picked up by the first weekend after the age of eight (8)
weeks, a boarding fee of $30.00 per day will be added to the final payment unless,
in the Seller’s opinion, it would be detrimental to the puppy’s health or wellbeing
to be placed at the earlier time.