How Do I Get on Cherrywood’s Waiting List?
At this time I do not have a litter planned but if you
    would like me to contact you when I do,  send in the
    questionnaire and I will notify you when I do our next

         "about our contract " page.  Second, if you are still  interested in a puppy  
          everyone who has a questionnaire on file once we do a breeding to see if you are still interested in a
        potential puppy from us and so we can talk. You will be welcome to come for a visit to meet
        us and the girls once you have an approved questionnaire on file with us.

                                    Please do not be intimidated by the questions. Your answers can help
                                    me choose the best match from our  litter for you and your family. If you have
                                    a Leo from us who is more than two years old  and are inquiring about a new
                                    puppy, please fill the questionnaire again.


    Answer the questions honestly. If you have never attended a dog show, I seriously  question your
    “interest” in showing. If you have never investigated what therapy work entails, I would wonder
    about your plans for a "therapy dog."  Dreaming is fine, but doesn't help me choose the best match for
    you and our puppy. With honest and thorough input from our buyers, we have done an excellent job
    over the past 25 years,  of matching the right pup with the right owner.

    95% of our pups go to loving, "companion" homes and are sold on AKC "limited registration" which
    means, they will be able to participate in AKC performance events like Rally, Tracking, Obedience trials,
    Barn hunts, Water work etc., but will not be able to be shown in Conformation nor bred.  I strongly
    believe that breeding should be left to the breeders.

    If you are an experienced Breeder coming from another Breed, or newbie thinking you may be
    interested n showing and breeding,  please put that in your questionnaire. I'm always happy to mentor
    our serious, new owners, whether you want a great companion or show/breeding prospect. If you
    think you have an interest in something special, make the leap and investigate it now, so you can
    "wow" me before I pick your puppy!

    In the United States, there were 328 puppies born last year in the US to LCA Member Breeders
    compared to the more popular breeds and the average litter size is 6-8 pups per litter, so if you are
    open to either sex there is more of a chance you will get a puppy.  We will be accepting questionnaires
    now but  interviewing prospective owners AFTER we do a breeding. Sending in a questionnaire does
    not mean that you have made a commitment to us not that we have one to you. We accept deposits
    only after the pregnancy is confirmed.

    We require non-refundable deposits to hold a puppy for you only when the pregnancy is confirmed, 24-
    28 days after the breeding. It will be refunded if we do not have a puppy who would be appropriate to
    place with you.  The balance is due at 7 weeks when I will know which puppy is going to fit best in
    which home. Puppies stay with us  until they are 8 weeks old.       


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