Because of experience: Cherrywood is one of the oldest Leonberger
    breeding names in the US. My husband Kevin and I have been involved in
    owning, raising, showing, breeding and loving Leos since 1990. That experience
    helped us learn a lot about the breed and breeding as well as brought us a
    number of our best long lived friendships within the Leonberger community.

    BECAUSE THE ESSIG AWARD SAYS IT ALL Our love affair with Leonbergers
    started out when we acquired our first wonderful foundation bitch, Keesha von der Heckenrose,
    in 1990 from Sylvia and Manfred Kaufmann of von der Heckenrose kennels in Ill. It extended to the
    entire Leonberger community. For almost 30 years I have been very involved with the LCA, and served
    on the Show Committee, Breeding Committee and also on the Governance committee while working on
    the special assignment of helping to rewrite the Member Practices document for the club. I was the LCA
    Registrar’s assistant for a number of years, elected to the Board of Directors, and a breeding mentor
    and breeding  assessment examiner as well. I was again a member and co-chair of the Breeding
    Committee from 2007-2009 as we entered the AKC part of our lives. I am the co-founder of the LCA's      
    " Leonberger University" which will be a continuing education experience preserving our past while
    educating our future members and more recently a co-chair of the Breeders Education Ad Hoc
    Committee aimed at supporting our Breeders and Stud Owners with the resources they need to
    accomplish their goals. We care about the breed and the LCA.

    Because Canine Behavior has been my profession: As a retired professional canine behavior
    specialist and instructor, I’m a great resource person for my owners. I worked through Happy Tails To
    You School For Dogs,  which I owned for 33 years, with  close to 12,000 dogs of various breeds to help
    them build better relationships with their owners. My specialty was puppies.
    (See PUPPY ENRICHMENT ARTICLE which I was asked to write for the Norwegian Leonberger Club).

    Because of my track record in placing puppies in the right homes. I pick the best fit for my owners
    based on what I know about their lifestyle and needs.  Every puppy is raw material and will take a lot of
    work on your part to become what you want. I have been observing the pups in my litter for 2 months and
    know a lot about them before they are placed.  I won't sell you a puppy if I don't think it would be a good
    fit for both you and the puppy. Over the years we’ve been very happy with most of our placements and,
    of  all the Leo puppies we have produced, most spent their lives with their initial owners.

    Because of my passion for breeding and raising great Leonbergers: A puppy from Cherrywood
    is from a litter that has been thought out and planned, seriously, carefully and with a lot of pride in the
    finished results. Our litters take a lot of work and expense. From the breeding to the whelping,  right
    through to the day they leave our home for yours, I’m working to enrich their experiences while they
    are with us and observing them to find the best matches with our buyers lifestyles.

    Because of my pro-active dedication to the breed: I’m very pleased to say I was awarded the
    prestigious  “Leo Award” in 2007 by the LCA  for “exceptional dedication to promoting international
    awareness of laryngeal paralysis and peripheral neuropathy in Leonbergers, and for faithfully
    promoting the ideals of the Leonberger Club of America.” In 2016 I received the LCA's highest honor,
    the Heinrich Essig Award for"Sustained Perservance and excellence over many years working to raise
    awareness and educate Leo owners about important health issues affecting our Breed."

                                                              Dedicated Breeders can accomplish great things.

    Because Cherrywood is known for being open and honest about health and longevity. We
    put our dogs on the open registries with their results both passing and non-passing. We know all dogs
    have virtues and faults and we don't believe that hiding problems helps the breed. Nobody sets out to
    breed unhealthy dogs and they should not have to feel guilty when Mother Nature throws them a curve. .
    We can't stop diseases in our own children, and we certainly can't do it with our dogs, nor should owners
    expect us to be able to do that. We're very proud of our above average lifespans and are willing to
    substantiate our claims with our longevity project.

    Because of our record of well-rounded excellence: Cherrywood’s accomplishments include:
    producing pups with steady loving temperaments, multi Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex wins at
    Regional and National Specialties as well as All-Breed shows, the first World Wide Kennel Club Ch.
    Leonberger in the U.S., the first #1 Top Bitch in the country in 1996, the #3 Top Dog in 1996 and 1997,
    the top Obedience titled Leo in 1997 and the first AKC titled Agility Excellent Leo in the US as well as
    the first Leonberger invited to the prestigious AKC Agility Invitational in Long Beach CA . A number or
    our progeny have gone on to become LCA Champions.  Now that we have become AKC recognized
    as of July 1, 1010, we have a number of Cherrywood offspring, grand offspring and great grand
    offspring who have become AKC Champions and Grand Champions. We had the #2 Leonberger in the
    US in 2014  and a "Select Dog " wins at Westminster as well. Others are competing successfully
    and titling in performance events!

    A number of our Cherrywood Leos have gone to work as Therapy Dogs and there have also been
    Cherrywood Leos involved in water work, search and rescue and the Read To Me programs starting at
    libraries and schools throughout the country. Cherrywood was one of the top LCA Champion producing
    lines in the US and now our owners show our in AKC. More than any of these “wins” though, I’m proud of
    the great owners we’ve found for our puppies. Most are committed to protecting this wonderful breed and
    many have become good friends over the years. A few are now on their third or fourth puppy from us!

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